Whitsunday Clutch #2
Whitsunday Clutch #2

Joyita Queen of Colour

Whitsunday Clutch #2

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I must have been in holiday mode when I created this range.  Tropical vibes and a cocktail in mind as I painted away BUT I can't tell you how much I love this clutch and you won't believe how beautiful she is until shes in your hands.

Adorned with one of my favourite flowers, the Lilly, they are dancing around the canvas in lashings of vibrant pinks over yellow and turquoise. Small Koi fish will be found hiding under surface of the water on this artwork. 

You will take your very own painting places you never thought you could with this clutch.

I've been Daydreaming of those sultry summer nights, with my favorite dress on and my clutch in hand as I kick my heals up and my hips sway to the beat of the music.

You will love this clutch, she bold and she is beautiful, just like you.

Clutch Size 310mm x 170 mm

Sealed, one of a kind artwork, PVC outer shell, gold magnetic clasp in lined in peach