The Empress A1 Fine Art Print
The Empress A1 Fine Art Print
The Empress A1 Fine Art Print

Joyita Queen of Colour

The Empress A1 Fine Art Print

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I didn't really know how The Empress would look once I had finished her.  I just started painting the huge large scale artwork in an array of different colours and hoped she would be beautiful once I was done.

When I finally stepped back after days and days of working on her my soul was full.

I was so happy I honestly could have wept.  Her soulful yet mischievous glare that looks deep into your heart as she gazes upon your very being was everything I was hoping to achieve when I set out to paint this artwork.  You will feel an abundance of love when you look at this print and just like the original artwork, each brush stroke and texture is visible.

Maybe I see a little of myself in her, she is confident and kind, she is strong with a deep connection to mother earth.  She hears and sees it all, she is in charge of her self worth and loves like no other.

SIZE A1  600 mm x 850.50 mm

Printed on Gallery quality Cotton Rag.