Kisses in Spring Small
Kisses in Spring Small
Kisses in Spring Small

Joyita Queen of Colour

Kisses in Spring Small

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If you read my facebook post about the origins of this particular artwork you would know that I created this artwork unintentionally using left over paint as I worked on a larger set of artworks and a few of my clutch bags.

Over the course of a week I just laid down the excess paint on my brush haphazardly but intentionally onto another canvas and then Kisses in Spring was born.  I always have canvas around and don't like the idea of wasting paint so these two artworks were created.

An array of flowers with foliage in all my favorite colours have come together in unison and to be honest I love this pair.

They will come framed kin light wood so that the artwork features above all else.

Acrylic on Canvas with some light texture.

30 cm x 30 cm x 3